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Neck and back pain are common, especially with aging. Low back pain affects about 50% of adults older than 60 years.

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About Neck & Back Pain

Neck and back pain is one of the most common ailments affecting people in the United States and elsewhere today. There was a time when humans as a race used to do a lot of activities such as walking for miles, running, manual labor and other such that involved physical activities. But with the advancement of society, we have more or less stopped doing these.

Neck And Back Pain Relief

To begin with you need to visit a physician who will ask you to get some tests done. And once the results are in, the physician will then prescribe you the remedy – may be some medications, or physiotherapy (a rehab program), or exercises, or a combination of them all. The option of surgery is also not ruled out in acute cases. The exercise plan has to be charted out carefully as some can actually cause more harm than good. It is probably better to refrain from weight training. Before embarking on your exercise program get it approved by a physical trainer informing him about your neck pain and spine problem.

If the pain becomes acute you can use a heating pad and also ice to smoothen the affected area. Poor posture worsens the issue so you may have to change the way you sit and also your chair. Even driving in a hunched position and standing incorrectly can aggravate the neck and back pain.

The link between neck and back pain

ou often tend to wonder if you are merely imagining pain in the leg and neck along with your back pain. Rest assured, there are a whole lot of people among us who experience this self-same problem. Why does this happen and what is it that links neck pain to back pain? The back muscles form huge network that covers many areas of our body. They control muscles in the shoulders, neck and legs as well. This is why back and neck pain are connected. If you have a crick in the neck, the back muscles swing into hyperactivity to support the upper body. The result is that they get quite stressed out in the process! Similarly, if there is an injury to the back, the neck muscles do not receive the support they normally should, so they feel strained as well.

Since the muscles of both areas are connected, each gets debilitated without the support of the other. Hence neck pain creates back pain and vice versa.

The first thing you should do is to prevent a strain from affecting both these parts of your body.

Keep up the right kind of posture, lift weights the right way, walk straight and stop slouching or hunching. These are the first few things you can do to avoid neck and back pain.

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